Good Morning Eggbake

Farm fresh eggs and sausage and fresh veggies, covered in gooey cheese...drooling yet?

This recipe uses our fresh, homegrown bacon, sausage or ham!

Recommended cooking tools for this recipe

I have this exact pan and lid and it works great. (Note, the lid is not oven safe…use aluminum foil when baking.)  I also have a pan without a lid and that is frustrating…definately go with the lid version for leftovers.

If I would buy a pan over again, I’d get one with a lid that snaps on, more like this one. The red one on this page works, but it isn’t tight-fitting.

I’ve lost many spatulas to a broken handle. I currently have one similar to this that is a “all in one” style…no separate handle in a different material that will break off and I love it. I also love that this one measures 1 1/2 inches across…most “all in one” styles are massive (more for grilling) and not so good for getting eggsbake, brownies, etc out of a pan.

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