Half hog or 2 pork chops and a pound of bacon?

by | Jun 13, 2021

Hello friend!

There is lots happening in the world of ordering pork!

First, the hogs will be going in for processing June 16th.

This means we load them into a trailer and take them to Prairie Meats in Olivia MN so they can be turned into pork chops and bacon.


(Due to legal things and the fact that, other than a sharp knife, we have nothing for processing anything more than a chicken, we are happy to hand over this part of the process to someone else! 😉)

At this point, the hogs will be going in two different directions:

🥩 Some of our customers are looking for meat they can choose how they would like it processed.
  • They can choose thickness of the pork chops, size of the roasts, brats or sausage, etc.
  • A half a hog will need a larger amount of freezer space all at once – about the size of the freezer above a fridge.
  • This tends to be a little more economical per pound as there aren’t any additional resale fees. There is, however, more costs due at the same time.  (They might be writing a couple checks totaling $400+ in the course of 2 weeks, but then they don’t pay anything for 6 months to a year.)
    🥩 Some of our customers are looking for smaller amounts of meat.
    • Don’t know anything about meat?  Individual resale cuts or smaller bundles are simple…just pick what you want, when you need it.
    • Perfect for folks who don’t have a larger freezer and would like to get a smaller amount of meat at one time.
    • Resale cuts tend to be a little more expensive per pound (figuring the farmer costs, processing costs and retail costs) but the out of pocket costs at one time are much lower. (It depends on what meat is chosen, but it could be as little as $50-$100 per month.)

    More information about retail cuts and smaller bundles will be coming….stay tuned….. 🎈🎇


    But right now, it is time to reserve your half or whole hogs.


    ** After June 14th, they won’t be available until December 2021. **

    Visit the Farm Store to pay your deposit.

    Select a size below to get started.

    Other farm news

    I don’t believe I’ve officially introduced my two new gilts (young female pigs who have not become mothers yet).

    The first one with the spots is Tulip.  The second one is Daffodil.

    Its easy to get attached to the animals here, but I only allow myself to name the breeding animals who generally are here for longer than 8 months.

    (OK…the bottle pigs sometimes get names…😶)

    These two have such lovely, easy-going personalities. I can’t wait to see how they are as mothers!


    It’s been so hot here lately….we fill up their muddy holes with water so they can keep cool.

    (Pigs will play with anything…see the first picture below…they are already chewing on the hose…😂)

    Did you know that pigs LOVE mud?  Like…it’s 98 degrees outside and they choose to lay in the sun and mud rather than go into the shade of the barn.

    The mud cools them off and keeps them from getting sunburned too.

    Last summer we got 50 cornish cross chickens (for meat rather than eggs) and the growing and harvesting process went so well, that we are going to do it again this year.  It’s nice to have our home raise chicken to eat!

    One of the kids let her hens sit on a few eggs and this little one hatched out and no one wanted it. So it’s currently living with the meat chickens. 😄

    In preparation for the pork we will have available this summer, we have purchased a trailer!  Beyond excited about this…we’ve been looking for awhile for one in our price range!  This will hold a freezer and generator, along with some space for some coolers for eggs too. 🥰

    I don’t own a selfie stick….but you get the idea. 😄

    The day we went to get this, it was 98, and in our vehicle the AC doesn’t work and a part of the muffler needs to be replaced. Oh and we got a flat tire on the interstate. 🤨  So, 7 hours of loud noise and intense heat was a lot to handle, but we have a trailer!!

    (I was telling my husband how I thought the trip was a lot to take and he laughed….as a guy who has spent countless hours in loud, non-AC tractors, he didn’t sympathize. 😂  Silly guy. 😘)

    Well, I’m off to wait for my pork shoulder to finish in the smoker. It’s been there since 8am today and I’m getting impatient. 😉  Plus it smells so good…..

    From all of us here at Piggery Run Farm, with 2 feet or 4 feet,
    we wish you a cool summer’s day! 😘

    Naomi and the gang

    Recent farm letters

    Where to get your meat or eggs 

    Twin Cities, Minnesota

    🚐 The next delivery date: February 1, 6pm for Burnsville, about 6:45pm for Eden Prairie

    🚐 Location: 2600 W 140th St, Burnsville, MN 55337 (a residence) 

    🚐 Location: 9995 Spring Rd, Eden Prairie, MN 55347 (Frederick Miller Spring)

    🚐 How it works: Just place your order with payment via PayPal and we’ll bring it to this location at that time!  Please meet me there to pick up your meat.


    Piggery Run Farm Store, Gibbon, Minnesota

    🏠 You can pick up meat right on our farm weekdays and most Saturday mornings.

    🥓 Location: 64060 300th Street, Gibbon, Minnesota 55335

    Place your order and I'll message you to set up a pick up time!

    *Did you know you can pick up meat directly from our farm any weekday and some weekends? If you place an order online, just select “Piggery Run Farm” from the Delivery Option dropdown and I’ll follow up with you to pick a good day! Hope to see you soon!

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