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Welcome to Piggery Run Farm

Our small farm in south central Minnesota, proudly bringing natural, delicious, and humanely raised pork to your family

The best pork you'll ever eat

It’s amazing what fresh air, dirt and an alternative grain diet will do for your food.

All natural, fabulously delicious, soy/GMO free pork.

Here’s to your family having better, healthier pork.

Hi! I’m Naomi Johnson from Gibbon, Minnesota and chief pig scritcher here at Piggery Run Farm.

As one of the few farrow to finish small-time pork producers in the state, I am proud to say our hogs are raised in a laid back, low-stress environment for the entire time they are with us.

This means the hogs are happy and happy hogs make great tasting pork.

Ready to try some?  You’ll never look back to anything else. 🥰

Recipes featuring farm freshness



Frito Pie

Frito Pie with ground pork features spicy Mexican flavorings, mixed with our fresh meat and corn chips with cheese.