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Bringing your family together this summer with food

Wishing you many meals ahead filled with good smells, fantastic tastes and family togetherness.

Hey, I’m Naomi Johnson!

We strive to raise our Berkshire pigs in a way that is most natural to pigs. That means mud, dirt, and the freedom to move around in a large area outside or snooze in the barn.

We also feed them field peas and locally grown barley, which makes for some extra fantastic and unique tasting meat.

That makes for some happy pigs and happy pork eaters!

Simple family recipes

Pizza Casserole

This pizza casserole is an easy way to make pizza for a group, with leftovers ready for another meal. A sure family favorite.

New! All Pork Snack Sticks

The best pork you'll ever eat

It’s amazing what fresh air, dirt and an alternative grain diet will do for your food.

All natural, fabulously delicious, soy/GMO free pork.

Here’s to your family having better, healthier pork.