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Side pork, fresh, 1lb

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Side pork, fresh, 1lb

Shipped from Minnesota to anywhere in the Midwest, get the taste of the all natural pork by frying up some of this meat!  Side pork is the same cut of pork as bacon, except that side pork is not smoked or cured (so no added nitrites or nitrates). It doesn’t taste at all like bacon, instead it actually tastes a lot more like a thin pork chop, except fattier, so the flavor is cooked right in!  We eat this for breakfast, along side fried or scrambled eggs. Yum!  Comes in 1lb packages, frozen.

Fresh from our outdoor raised all Berkshire hogs, corn/soy/GMO free.


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FAQ about side pork:

Is side pork the same as “Pork Belly”?

Pork belly is the name given to the cut of meat along the pig’s belly.  It can get cut up various ways and that brings up other names.  “Bacon” is sliced pork belly, cured and smoked, usually. There is also uncured bacon, which tastes a little different, but generally people use the term bacon to described smoked, sliced, pork belly.  You can also sometimes buy pork belly in chunks, to prepare it the way you want. Whole pork bellies may be around 8-16 lbs, but usually folks want them smaller to be able to fit on a smaller sized smoker.  “Side pork” is sliced side pork that’s NOT smoked or cured.  It’s just plain, delicious pork, sliced and ready to fry up.

How do I cook my side pork?

I put mine in a pan and fry it up, just as you would bacon. I like a cast iron pan, but stainless steel also works. A non-stick pan tends to add other flavors, so I avoid that.  Side pork also spatters…I love my spatter screen that helps keep the stove a little cleaner.  You will end up with a bunch of hot grease in the pan after you’re done.  Dump it into a jar and use it the next time you make eggs or stove top popcorn or anything that takes oil. Yum!

What does side pork taste like?

Although side pork comes from the same part of the pig as bacon, it doesn’t taste at all the same.  Instead it actually tastes a lot more like a thin pork chop, except fattier, so the flavor is cooked right in!  Our hogs are proudly pure Berkshire, so that means the flavor is top notch and the fat melts like butter in your mouth when you eat it!

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