Locally raised, farm fresh pork

Cuts of meat for your every occasion

Welcome to the farm store!

🥩 Pork by the cut

Perfect for single meals, try one today! Each comes in 1-4lb packages, depending on the cut.

🥓Pork Bundles

Not sure what to get?  Start with a bundle to get a nice mix!  Try the whole, 1/2 or 1/4 to get a mix of all the cuts or a themed bundle for a certain flavor or purpose.


All the eggs are collected and managed by the children of Piggery Run Farm and Blissful Bee Pastures.  Thank you for supporting our farm kids! 🥰

🐑 🐄 100% grass-fed lamb and beef from our family at Blissful Bee Pastures

🥩Meat Cuts

We have many different kinds of cuts of pork. Select one of the catagories or meal ideas to get started!