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Half hog, custom processing deposit

Half hog, custom processing deposit

Feed your family with nutritious non-GMO pork, finished with field peas and barley to create a delicious pork experience!

When you reserve a half hog, you’ll get to choose how you would like your hog processed. This can include hams, bacon, chops, brats, side pork and/or sausage.

You will receive about 60-80lbs of ready to cook meat (about the size of a freezer above a fridge).

Minnesota Department of Agriculture rules require that our customers own their animals before the animals are processed, hence the purpose of this deposit. The deposit will go towards your final total cost of the animal.

We will bill you for the remainder after your meat is weighed at the processor (see price breakout below).

**Looking for a whole hog?  Just make sure the quantity is “2” instead of “1” below and you’ll be good to go.  Your deposit will then be $300 and the other payments will roughly double.


Sold out!

Here’s what’s coming up for the November 2022 harvest time:

Up until November 1st – Reserve your non-GMO half hog and get an early-bird price of $2.90/lb hanging weight.  Deposit is $150.

Around November 1st – Choose your cuts via a link I will send you

November 16th – The hogs are going from our farm to Prairie Meats in Olivia for processing.

November 17th – Prairie Meats will let me know the weights of the animals and I will let you know the additional amount due for your pork.

Sometime in late November to mid December – Meat is ready to pick up! I will contact you and let you know when you can visit Prairie Meats to pick it up.


Price info

🥓  You will be making 3 different payments for your meat…

—  $150 (paid to the farmer – deposit to reserve your animal)

—  $80-$150 (paid to the farmer – the remainder of the cost of the hog after hanging weight has been determined by Prairie Meats.  Price is $2.90/lb for about 80-100lb of total hanging weight. Amount varies depending on the size of the animal.)

—  $100-$150 (paid to Prairie Meats – for cutting, packaging, smoking, curing, etc for chops, bacon, ground, roasts, etc.  Amount varies, depending on the type of processing you chose.)

🥓  Total cost per pound for 60-80 lbs of ready-to-cook bacon, ham, roasts, chops, ground or brats, etc. for a half hog is about $330-$440 total or about $5.50/lb.  This is about what would fit in the freezer above/below your fridge.


New to ordering from the farm and not the grocery store?  Please contact me anytime – 507-276-0073.