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1/2 Hog Bundle

Get 25% off your order if you pick it up at our local farm store in Gibbon, MN!


1/2 Hog Bundle

Can’t decide what pork to order? With this 1/2 hog bundle, you’ll receive a nice variety of our most favorite cuts of pork to keep you stocked up for awhile! With all the options, you’ll have no trouble deciding what’s for your next meal.

Proudly raised with daily access to outdoors, sunshine and fresh air.

You get about 80lbs of premium Berkshire pork, which is about $7.35/lb.

Free delivery to the Twin Cities, Mankato, Hutchinson, Sleepy Eye and New Ulm areas within a week of the order.

Here’s what’s included:

(12) 2-pk of bone-in chops

(6) 2-3 lb shoulder roast

(6) 3-4 lb smoked ham

(9) 1-lb ground

(9) 1-lb breakfast seasoned ground

(8) 1-lb bacon

(4) 1-pkg spare ribs, about 1.5-2lbs


How to get your meat 

Shipped to you:

We ship pork to the Midwestern states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and South Dakota).   Shipping is free for orders over $99.  There is a $24.99 charge for shipping orders less than $99.  Sorry, we are not able to ship eggs, 1/2 and 1/4 hog bundles or custom processed hogs.

Local Pickup:

You can pick up meat at our local store location in Gibbon or on our farm, most weekdays and Saturday mornings.  There is a 25% discount for local pickup.

Both options are available via the Checkout process on this website and charges/discounts are shown there.

Our promise to you...

We do our best to grow pork for you the way we want to feed our own family.

We look to provide a non-corn, soy and GMO lifestyle for each of our growing pigs, but sometimes feed availability has limitations.

We always provide GMO free feed and an outdoor lifestyle to our pigs, but due to weather related growing conditions and some recipes created by the meat processor, certain cuts of meat may not be entirely corn,  soy and GMO free.

To learn more about the nutritional value of your pork, view any pork cuts individually, or contact us for any questions!

We appreciate your business!

Naomi and the gang

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