Family Helper Bundle, 16lbs

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Family Helper Bundle, 16lbs

A little bit of several things to keep your family in meat for a couple weeks!

You will receive about 16lbs of home raised pork.

Bundle contains:

(2) 2-3lb shoulder roast

(4) 6 pk of brats

(4) 2-pk of bone-in pork chops

(3) 1-lb pkgs of breakfast sausage links

Although this meat is fresh from our outdoor raised hogs, corn/soy/GMO free, post-farm processing has added extra ingredients that may contain corn, soy or GMO.


Where to get your meat or eggs 

Piggery Run Farm Store, Gibbon, Minnesota

🏠 You can pick up meat at our local store location, most weekdays and Saturday mornings.

🥓 Location: 921 1st Ave, Gibbon, MN 55335 (Red Fox Photography Studio)

Place your order and I'll message you to set up a pick up time!

*Did you know you can pick up meat directly from our farm store any weekday and some weekends? If you place an order online, just select “Piggery Run Farm Store - Gibbon, MN” from the Delivery Option dropdown and I’ll follow up with you to pick a good day.

And 25% off any order picked up in Gibbon.  Use coupon code FARMPICKUP when checking out in the online store.

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