All-Natural Bundle

All-Natural Bundle

We are proud to say that our pork is raised soy and GMO free.  With the alternative grains and all they want of dirt and fresh air, the flavor of the fat and meat is unique and healthier than what you can get elsewhere. Try these cuts that have no additional ingredients added to them. Eat your pork as is, or add what you want, knowing that it starts out from us all-natural!

This bundle contains:

(2) 2-3lb shoulder roasts

(3) 2-packs of bone-in pork chops

(2) 1lb pkgs of side pork

(3) 1lb pkgs of ground pork



This item is available for delivery!

Where to get your meat


🚐 The next delivery date: November 2nd, 6:00pm.

🚐 Location: 2600 W 140th St, Burnsville, MN 55337.

🚐 How it works: Just place your order with payment via PayPal or Venmo and we’ll bring it to this location at that time!  Please meet me there to pick up your meat.


Piggery Run Farm Store

🏠 You can pick up meat right on our farm weekdays and most Saturday mornings.

🥓 Location: 64060 300th Street, Gibbon, Minnesota 55335

Place your order and I'll message you to set up a pick up time!

*Did you know you can pick up meat directly from our farm any weekday and some weekends? If you place an order online, just select “Piggery Run Farm” from the Delivery Option dropdown and I’ll follow up with you to pick a good day! Hope to see you soon!

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