Are you in the habit of something great?

by | Apr 25, 2021

Hello friend!

Do you have good habits in your life?

I would say that, for the most part, I don’t think I have terrible habits (drinking 4 energy drinks every day or eating 14 donuts for breakfast…or both 😂) but there are good habits that I’d like to add to my life.

The part I always get stuck on is actually keeping a good new habit.

I get all excited about a new positive thing, but a week or 2 later, the excitement has passed and I’m back where I was before. 

I recently checked out the book The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business via the Libby app. 

(Have you seen this app?  Enter in your library card and you get free e-books to borrow for a couple weeks!)

But anyway, this book is amazing…absolutely amazing…not only does it give good ideas on how to make a habit stick, but he has page after page of interesting studies that have been done on brain research and observation and going into WHY people think and do what they do.

I completely LOVE LOVE stuff like this…I don’t like taking things at face value…you have to give me a good reason why something will work before I want to try it out.

Although the book is almost to the point of overwhelming with wonderful ideas to try, the two big ones that I’m tackling first are there:

  • Start small and watch how that one little thing causes a positive chain reaction for everything else. 
  • Habits are more likely to stick when you get a friend to keep you focused.

One of the changes I ALWAYS want to make is to exercise more. No matter what I do, I just lose interest, even though I KNOW I should get up and move move.

Anyone else have this issue?? 🙄

So my “start small” plan right now is going for an early morning walk with a friend 3 days a week.  🏃‍♀️

For the longest time I was all wrapped up in the idea that if I want to exercise it has to be 6 days a week and at a Jillian Michaels level activity in order for it to do any actual good.

Although I love Jillian’s workouts, that’s a lot to start with for someone who’s favorite pastime is curling up with a good book. 📚🤦‍♀️

But you know what? 3 mornings a week has been amazing. I love the friend time, it gets me moving AND I’ve noticed other changes following….

  • I actually walk on my own the other days of the week!
  • I’m happier.
  • I’m much more confident, which has shown itself in general productivity.
  • I’ve upped my water intake, also on my list of things to do.
  • I eat less (why, I don’t know…since I’m pretty sure there are many more calories burned walking than reading a book…..)

I’m only 1/4 of the way through the book, I can’t wait to see what other good ideas I can put to good use!

>> What do you think?  Do you think you can take either of these concepts and start something great in your life?

Bye bye babies! 😭

Yes, the last of the baby pigs left yesterday.

Well, not entirely last….I saved some back for Christmas hams. 😍

Sad to see them go, but happy to know they are headed to other farms for the enjoyment of other families to take care of.  (It’s also a relief in a way that we no longer have 60+ pigs here…my husband says that’s too many….😂)

Summer pork is around the corner!

I have been working like crazy to get my website ready for summer pork ordering.

Considering investing in our farm and delicious meat for your family?

Whole and half hogs are now available for reserving! 🥓🍖 Click here –>>

And new for this year…reserve your half or whole hog by May 15th and get your choice of 2 delicious 4 oz pork seasonings!

Does this make your mouth water or what? 

(Behind the scenes note:  Stay tuned for more details about these seasonings…I actually have 6 seasoning to choose your 2 from….but I’m a bit behind on getting pictures ready to show off this amazingness. However, the nice UPS man was here on Friday with my special labels that I got to spend the weekend with Photoshop designing something delightful to print on them to then put on the bottles.  I can’t wait to show you!! 😁

Again, head on over to my website to see all the details about the upcoming pork!  Click here –>>

From all of us here at Piggery Run Farm, with 2 feet or 4 feet,
we wish you a happy productive springtime! 😘

Naomi and the gang

PS: How about your habits? How have you tackled a tough bad habit and turned it around into something good?  Do you have a FitBit and want to join a virtual movement team to keep each other going? Let me know!  It’s fun to chat about life and I love to hear new ideas. 😊

PPS: Do you know of someone who wants to follow our farm or might be interested in pork?  Send them this link: and tell them to sign up! 😄  And thanks!!

PPPS: I couldn’t resist a good Meatball picture to finish this out….(this was the same cat wrestling the piglet a couple weeks ago…)

Have a great week! 😄

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